Which copies can I request?

Those of notarial documents which are more than 25 years old and have been authorised in the city of Barcelona. For those 25 years, the documents are under the custody and preservation of each individual Notary, whom you can contact to ask for the issue of a copy of the document in which you are interested.

To assist the citizens in obtaining Notarial services in this field, a copy can also be requested by telematic means or by post, without having to go personally to the Notary who authorised the original document and thus avoiding a possibly inconvenient journey.

If the notary who authorised the deed has died, retired or moved elsewhere, there is no need to worry. The original of the copy asked for will be in the custody of Notaries, under an absolutely secure system. Thus, if the original document is more than 25 years old, it will be in the custody and under the responsibility of our Archivist Notary of the Barcelona Notarial Archive. If the original document is less than 25 years old it will be in the custody and under the responsibility of another Notary. In this case, to find the location of the Notary responsible for this original document, we offer you the “Deed Search” tool located on the home page.